I would like to thank every one making this possible

Archipack is dedicated to Ana.

People making Blender better every day

Ton, ideasman42, mont29, hackerman, dalai, dr_sybren, pablo and every core developper and contributors.

Special thank to

  • Antonyoia, for paving the parametric objects way with archimesh.
  • BlendingJake, for contribution in Floors (JARCH-viz).
  • Okavango for inspiration with NP station, pushing forward the CAD community on blender.
  • Coders and contributors of addons releasing public code.
  • dpdp (Daniel Pool) for contributions in tutorials and help in ba forums.


Pushig archipack forward.

People of #blenderpython

For kindness, support, inspiration, testing, reporting errors and general help. meta-androcto, lijenstina, linda_bliblubli, Tynkatopi, nBurn, bzztploink, mirlip, gidio

Hope i don’t forget anyone involved in the archipack’s effort, if so, don’t take offence and drop me a line.