Archipack 2.0.2 does implement on-screen interface to translate the addon.

Translation progress

On screen forms for tranlsations

Translate: on screen forms to ease translations


  • Enable translation in user preferences -> interface, and choose your locale.

  • In achipack prefs, check “Enable translation”

  • You’ll then find “Refresh translation” and “Save translation” at the top of every panel.

  • When you expand any part of the ui, press “refresh” so the addon is able to display translations fields (labels and tooltips)

  • When done or at any time youre able to “Save translation”

  • There is also a small eye at the right of “Save translation” to hide translate fields.

Submit a language

In addon preferences, when translate is enabled, 2 new buttons are avaliable

  • Find translation file open a file navigator at tranlation file location

  • Send tranlation open up a web browser and then your e-mail client so you’re able to attach lang.json file and submit @blender archipack