By default, archipack set “dumb” materials to objects. Archipack does provide a material loader taking advantage of libraries of predefined materials to re-use materials across projects, and quickly set all materials of objects.

see Default material library

Archipack material selector

Select / create / delete material sets for objects

Material sets

Archipack objects use more than one material so “Material Sets” are predefined groups of materials.

Archipack material set

Archipack material set


If not found in current in scene (by material name), archipack try to load materials from libraries when you create an object and when you choose a material set.


When you save a set, current material names are saved, so you have to ensure the materials are stored in your libraries. Material sets store material names only, so you may use different sets of material libraries eg to handle more than one renderer.


Removing a set dosent remove material. This only remove the set definition.

Sharing materials across projects

Material Library add-on allow to save scene materials to library for re-use.

see material library add-on

Material Library

Material Library