Manipulate mode

Archipack’s objects main properties are “manipulables” right on screen

Manipulate mode

  • Press “Manipulate” to toggle manipulate mode
  • Right click or esc does exit
Manipulate button

Manipulate: display manipulators on screen

Manipulators handles

Wall in manipulate mode

Wall in manipulate mode

Manipulables handles are white, eg: small arrow or squares They provide snap ability, keyboard entry and constraints, like transform.translate do.


Squares handles

Some objects like wall / slab / fences does provide “free form” manipulators as squares handles on edges. Those handles are “selectable” so you are able to move more than one at time.


Choose a snap to vertex mode. Press ctrl while moving to enable snap


Press either x, y, z while moving to enable constraints. Subsequent press on x, y, z toggle constraint from local object direction, to world direction


Keyboard entry are allowed, either in relative or absolute mode
  • Relative with a +- sign
  • Absolute without sign

Manipulators text

Click on text allow to enter precise values on keyboard